In the last year, we've all had to become a little more creative about how we do things... Especially as our kids are now spending more time than ever online, which means that they're not only socially distanced from their friends, but they're sedentary as well. Below we've listed three simple things you can do to encourage creativity in the children you love, whether they're your own kids, your grandchildren, or your nieces and/or nephews.

Creativity is a way of thinking and expressing ourselves that we're all born with, but which tends to fade as we age and adulthood's responsibilities prevail. Try making these simple suggestions a part of your daily routine to encourage creativity in the children in your life and yourself.

1. Read to them.

Reading aloud will spark your children's imagination and expand their understanding of the world. Books provide new experiences for children exposing them to people, places, and events outside of their world. Early reading aloud also promotes a lifelong love of books. As your children get older, choose books that appeal to all of you. You'll be sure to learn some new info in Amazing Facts About Baby Animals, such as sister elephants often stay together their entire lives.


2. Give them time to do nothing.

In our overly-scheduled lives, we often forget that making time to do nothing is a luxury. When children are left to their own devices, they become more imaginative and creative in finding ways to entertain themselves. Simple toys can open up a whole world of fantasy in which kids are free to create a storyline while playing with them. We particularly love these hand puppets that encourage children and parents to create their own stories. Each of these hand puppets is a one-of-a-kind creation, as unique as the child who adopts it.


3. Go outside.

Yes, it's winter, but bundle up and get outside. The sunshine (natural Vitamin D!) and fresh air will do you AND the kids some good. Being out in nature has a way of sparking natural curiosity, promoting imagination, and getting some physical activity too. The natural world invites children to think and ask questions and the constantly changing environment provides opportunities for discovery and creativity. So get ready to head out with some animal-related headgear and let your child become a pup or reindeer. And don't forget a pair of colorful (and purposefully mismatched) socks to keep everyone's feet warm and toasty, and automatically add to your day's fun!


Reading, down time, and going outdoors are all great ways to encourage creativity in the children in your life, not to mention your own.

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