Looking for a quick and easy way to add instant style and personality to your fall wardrobe? Add a scarf! More than keeping you warm on a chilly day, a great scarf can add polish to your look.

Our fall collection has us swooning and wishing for chillier days. And never fear...you don't have to be scarf tying expert to wear them stylishly.

If you're completely clueless and about how to tie your scarf, then we have the perfect style for you! A brilliantly designed opening allows you to simply slip one end the end of the scarf through and adjust to your liking. No knots necessary...and it will even stay put even on blustery days!

The shawl wrap is simple (SO simple) and elegant. Just wrap the scarf around your shoulder and tie a loose knot to keep it in place. A lightweight, elegant scarf adds instant sophistication to any outfit.

Another simple solution is to tie a scarf behind your neck and let the soft fabric folds gently drape your shoulders and frame your face. This is perfect for those days when style is more important than warmth.

When you do need that extra warmth (and don't want extra bulk), choose one of our heavier scarves with a hood and pockets to warm your hands. Turn the pockets on the striped scarf around and use as a hat for a whimsical and fun head covering!

Anyone can create the classic scarf wrap. Just wrap the scarf around your neck and bring the ends to the front. Or flip one end behind you to make a statement both coming and going. A bold pattern gives any outfit pizzazz.

The kimono or shawl look adds warmth with an easy style. Layer with your favorite sweaters and you'll be toasty warm, all day and all night long.

You may also want to consider dressing up your LBD (little black dress) or favorite jeans with a luxurious scarf. Infinity scarves are perfect as is, OR can be double looped to shorten their length. Wearing an infinity scarf cape style will keep you both warm and looking sophisticated and the jewel tone color palette will add a pop of flair and sophistication to any look you choose!

No matter what your style, we've got you covered. Stop in The Barn to check out all our delightful patterns and styles!