25 Apr 2020

Spring Art in the Garden—A Virtual Show!

For the past 10 years Calgo Gardens has been host to a happy gathering of talented local artists, artisans, and musicians at our spring Art in the Garden event... and today would have marked our 11th year. We all find ourselves having to be a little more creative these days, and in light of current circumstances we've had to adjust our way of bringing together our favorite artists and artisans with our wonderful customers.


19 Mar 2020

Make Your Backyard a Sanctuary

In this time of uncertainty and crisis, we all seek solace and comfort in the peace of our homes. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of our current situation and take inventory of our personal space—including our yards—and planning how we can make the an oasis for ourselves and our families.

Below we offer a few tips on how to plan for your own dream back yard.