26 Apr 2018
Art in the Garden

A Perfect Spring Day

We all welcomed the perfect spring day for our annual Art in the Garden. After a chilly start to the day, the sun warmed up and gave us plenty of sunshine. Locals took advantage of the beautiful day to attend the art filled festival.


11 Apr 2018

A Company with a Re-Purpose

Not only does Milk Reclamation Barn have a purpose—they have a re-purpose. Owners Mike Davis and Bobbie Davis turned Bobbie’s candle making passion into a business in which almost everything they do has a repurpose.


04 Apr 2018

Help Save the Bees

Did you know that bees pollinate about 70 different crop species, and those crops feed 90% of the world’s population? That’s just one of the reasons why the decline of the honey bee is cause for concern. Honey bees are disappearing at an alarming rate and some of the most likely causes are the increased use of pesticides, monoculture (single crop planting), and the destruction of natural habitat.


27 Mar 2018

Forcing Forsythia

After nor’easters and thunder snow, we’re all ready for a little spring. The burst of yellow blooming forsythia is one of the first happy signs of the season. You can have the delight of spring a little earlier by forcing forsythia flowers in your home.


13 Mar 2018

From Farm Stand to Studio

Our resident entrepreneurs are always coming up with creative ideas at Calgo Gardens, so when photographer Diana Lang approached us about an outdoor studio, we couldn’t wait to see what she had in mind. The plan was to upscale and recycle an unloved farm stand to create an outdoor space for her photography.


06 Mar 2018

Rustic Garden Structures

Arbors and outdoor furniture are a beautiful addition to any landscape design—being both functional and practical. Furnished gardens invite people to both walk and linger in your outdoor living space. Strategically placed items allow you to relax in the sunlight or in the cover of the shade.


27 Feb 2018

Spring Cleaning

There’s no better feeling of accomplishment than completing an overwhelming task. Accomplishment and satisfaction are just around the corner for those of us getting Calgo Gardens renewed and revitilized for spring. Thank you to all for your patience while we get some spring cleaning and a surprising facelift done! 


20 Feb 2018
Calgo Gardens winter art

Art in Your Winter Garden

Although this week it feels like spring outside, we wanted to share Calgo Garden’s beauty during our last snow storm—hopefully the last snow storm of the season! Here’s some inspiration for adding art to your winter garden to give you enjoyment all season long.