You’ve more than likely heard of book swaps and cookie swaps, but have you ever heard of plant swaps? Plant swaps are just what the name implies—they're get togethers in which the participants trade cuttings, seedlings, house plants, and plant knowledge. How great is that?

Plant swaps are for garden enthusiasts of all levels who not only want to share their plants but also their gardening tips. Everyone gets a chance to walk away with a slightly greener thumb.

Imagine the possibilities... And imagine not paying for new plants! This is like cleaning out your closet and getting to fill it back up without spending any money!

Now is the perfect time to thin out the garden and make room for something new. Are you tired of your hostas and itching to add some lilies to that little corner of the garden? Now's your chance!

The rules and regulations are simple.

  • Bring each plant in an individual container that’s marked with the plant’s basic information.
  • Please make sure the plants are healthy and pest free.
  • You get one ticket for each plant to “purchase” another plant.

You go home with new plants, new knowledge, and new garden-minded friends! You may also go home with one of our surprise giveaways!

We can’t wait to see what plants you bring on September 15. Need more details? Click here!