02 May 2018

Creating Your Own Terrarium

A terrarium is a collection of small plants that grow in a transparent container which can be either closed or open. Creating your own terrarium is simple and can be addictive. You will love the creativity of choosing plants, containers, and decorations.


04 Apr 2018

Help Save the Bees

Did you know that bees pollinate about 70 different crop species, and those crops feed 90% of the world’s population? That’s just one of the reasons why the decline of the honey bee is cause for concern. Honey bees are disappearing at an alarming rate and some of the most likely causes are the increased use of pesticides, monoculture (single crop planting), and the destruction of natural habitat.


27 Mar 2018

Forcing Forsythia

After nor’easters and thunder snow, we’re all ready for a little spring. The burst of yellow blooming forsythia is one of the first happy signs of the season. You can have the delight of spring a little earlier by forcing forsythia flowers in your home.


20 Feb 2018
Calgo Gardens winter art

Art in Your Winter Garden

Although this week it feels like spring outside, we wanted to share Calgo Garden’s beauty during our last snow storm—hopefully the last snow storm of the season! Here’s some inspiration for adding art to your winter garden to give you enjoyment all season long.


13 Feb 2018

Winter Gardening Chores

Ah the pleasure of a surprisingly warm day in the middle of February! It sparks our longing to get outside and back into the garden. Take advantage of the mild weather to start some winter gardening chores. Your yard will love it—and so will your soul.


23 Jan 2018

Winter Gardening and Aquaponics

The short, gray days of winter can leave you longing for a bit of green—and Drop the Beet Farms’ greenhouse is full of greens to nourish your cravings. Locally grown, fresh, organic greens in the middle of winter? Yes, please!