Container gardens are the eye candy of your yard. They’ll add pizzazz to your porch and instant impact to the landscape. The  “thrill, spill, and fill” method is a simple plan which will give you stunning results to enjoy all summer.

When planning your container garden remember these three things:

  • Thrill
  • Fill
  • Spill

Use a plant with height and interest for the thrill.  This is the eye candy of the pot so this plant should be the showpiece of the arrangement. Some suggestions for a thrilling addition are clematis, mandevilla, caladium and ornamental grasses.

The fill is exactly what it sounds like. Use flowering plants to fill the rest of the container. Be creative with your color combinations but make sure that all the plants require the same care. Use flowering plants like petunias, begonias and lantana.

The spill adds the finishing touch with plants that cascade out of the container. Use trailing plants with a focus on foliage. Lobelia, trailing rosemary and sweet potato vines are all great choices.

Following these simple plans will create layers of interest for a stunning container.

Here’s a check list for creating your own floral masterpiece.

  • Sun or shade
  • Container (we love our regal ceramic pots to make a statement)
  • Water requirements (succulents or flowers)
  • Color Palette (so many choices)
  • Ease of maintenance (do you want to spend time nurturing your plants?)
  • Plants (this is the fun part)

Remember “Thrill, Spill, and Fill” when you make your selections. If the challenge seems to overwhelming or you don’t have the time, visit Calgo for ready-made containers, or contact Calgo to see how we can create a stunning custom container garden in your personal style.

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