Do you have a recycled pallet just lying around? Turn it into art for your garden!

This project is so simple to make. Follow our inspiration to start creating art of your own.

  • Gather your supplies: pallet, rocks found on a trip or from your yard, copper tubing and wire, outdoor adhesive, and small finishing nails.
  • Make your base from the pallet to the size and shape you want your art piece to be.
  • Cut your wire tubing to make stems for the flowers.
  • Next lay the rocks out to create your design.
  • Use an outdoor adhesive to adhere the rocks to the pallet and small finishing nails to attach the tubing.
  • Copper wiring adds some flair to the stems.
  • Nail small finishing nails around flower petals and bend in with your hammer to give added support and interest.

This project is great way to recycle pallets!

Not ready to do it yourself? One of a kind pieces designed by staff members Urbano and Kara can be purchased at Calgo Gardens.