Did you know that deer are the largest wild herbivore in New Jersey? Or that a deer’s stomach can only digest different foods at specific times of the year? These are two reasons why your garden seems like a never-ending food supply for this large species.

It’s almost impossible to keep these beautiful creatures out of your yard but if you plant the right kind of vegetation in the way of deer-resistant plant options, you can dissuade them from decimating your garden. And maybe they'll wander off to your neighbor's property instead! (We're just kidding about that last part, of course!)

According to R.J. Carcio, staff ecologist at New Jersey Deer Control, LLC, there are fall plants that will add color to your landscape while avoiding inviting more deer into your yard.

Some of these plants include:

  • Russian Sage and Blue Mist both add bold shades of purple and are seldom devoured by deer putting them at the top of the list.
  • Sneezewood (helenium autamnale) produces fall flowers that resemble the popular fall mum colors: red, orange, and yellow.
  • Sweet Alyssum has white or lavender blooms that remain until October.
  • Ornamental Grasses can add color and interest to your fall landscape and most are deer resistant.

And in case you were wondering, R.J. does warn that “deer-resistant" does not mean "deer-proof.”

If you'd like to learn more about how to keep deer out of your yard, join us at our free workshop on September 12 to find out how to create cold weather landscapes that will help minimize deer damage.

This free event, led by New Jersey Deer Control®, LLC staff ecologist R.J. Curcio, will help demystify the reasons why white-tailed deer wreak havoc on the landscapes they inhabit during the fall and winter months. Changes in hormones and diet are largely to blame.

R.J. will discuss both how to manage deer damage as well as share the preventative measures that can be taken to provide visual interest to your landscape but dissuade further deer damage.