With so many choices, choosing the right kind of container for your plant can be overwhelming. Putting aside personal taste, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your plant will thrive in the right container.


Choose a pot that's comparable to the size of your plant.
If you are potting a new plant, keep the container similar in size. If you're replanting a plant that has grown, a good rule of thumb is to go up one size.

What is your container made from?
A porous container like terracotta will dry more evenly than plastic pots making it a great choice for plants that prefer dry soil.

You can also tell the level of moisture by the dark line on the natural material. Ceramic pots will retain moisture, so choose a plant that prefers evenly moist soil. Keep in mind that ceramic containers are usually very heavy if you need to move the pot for watering.

Does your container have a drainage hole?
A drainage hole will make it much easier to maintain the health of your plant by allowing excess water to run through. If your choice of container doesn't have drainage consider putting a pot with drainage inside your new pot. Or add your own drainage by placing a half-inch of rocks and a half-inch of activated charcoal in the bottom of your container to keep the roots from rotting.

Are you planting for the outdoors?
All outdoor plants need drainage so that the rainwater can run through. Make sure the pot is heavy enough—like our ceramic planters—to keep the plant from blowing over in strong winds.

Fiberglass pots are always a good choice (if you need to move your plants) because they are so much lighter than traditional pots... and they're also winter-proof!


Once you know what kind of container your plant needs, you can have fun picking one to reflect the personality of the plant. What inspires you? If you really can't decide, a kokedama ball doesn't require any container at all!

Of course, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, you may want to consider signing up for our clay class and making your own customized container. It might even be too pretty for a plant!

Don't forget that you can choose your plant and your container and plant it right in our potting shed. Everything you need is right there. All month long there are different workshops for different kinds of plants!