A kitchen garden, also called a potager garden, is a garden that’s designed to be a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. It’s not the same as a vegetable garden even though it yields vegetables.

A kitchen garden is:

a feast for all the senses

ornamental and functional

has visual impact

and most importantly, a kitchen garden has edibility.

A kitchen garden is the dream of all farm- to-table cooks. Planted densely with seasonal vegetables, culinary herbs, and edible flowers, it is the delight of all cooks who celebrate fresh ingredients and creative meals.

Three distinct characteristics define the kitchen garden:



And Beauty.


The kitchen garden is planted with convenience in mind. Inspired cooks want to be able to grab a handful of herbs to add while the pot is simmering away or to pick a few edible flowers to garnish a fresh made tart. The size of a kitchen garden is smaller than a traditional vegetable garden largely because of its close proximity to the house. Typically, there’s not a huge amount of space outside the kitchen door. This compact garden uses all the space by being creative with pots, trellises and more. Designed to be not only functional but also attractive, one of the important functions is to add beauty to your home. The kitchen garden is truly a feast for the senses.

Your garden planning should include plenty of varieties of colorful and scented vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers. Trellises will add height while giving you additional space. Try using pots to contain those plants that spread voraciously (they’ll also add color and texture). Chose plants that you want to try in new recipes, share and of course eat!


There’s something fun and indulgent about eating a flower that is so perfectly placed to add beauty to your dish and your kitchen garden should definitely include some. Here’s some varieties to try!








Squash blossoms




If you’re ready to learn more about garden planning, join our upcoming workshop. Taylor will teach you how to prep, plant, and maintain a spring garden that will produce fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs to incorporate into your own kitchen garden. Follow us along as we start to break ground for a new kitchen garden for The Tulip Tree Café.