Calgo Gardens makes it easy for you to be an ethical, mindful shopper. We search with thought and purpose to bring you a selection of beautiful, useful merchandise that also creates a positive social impact.

For instance—we love our new selection of scarves, hats and gloves from Rising Tide—and we know you will too! Rising Tide is a “giveback” company—one that assists low-income artisans from the developing world to create products, market them in the US, and improve the living standards of the people who craft these items. This collection makes it possible for you to keep stylishly warm and help make a positive social impact

Calgo Gardens Winter Scarves

What does giveback mean? One accepted definition: “To contribute money, goods, or services for charitable purposes…” Many of Calgo’s vendors have “giveback” missions. Businesses that give back prove that they can be both socially and economically minded—a world and personal view happily shared by Calgo!

Rising Tide, and other giveback businesses, help improve the living standards of artisans in the communities they work with. This company has emergency funds for its artists, contributes to local schools, aids teacher training, facility development, and clean water initiatives.

So…express your style on a chilly day with one of these impossibly soft scarves or hats! Or maybe you’d like some fingerless gloves—they make it easy to handle your everyday tasks while keeping your hands stylish and cozy. You will not only be wrapping yourself in the warmth of these garments, but also in the knowledge that your purchase has a positive impact on the lives of others.

Help make a global difference when you choose items that are created by businesses that give back. Your purchase will create good will for everyone involved—and isn’t that the reason for the season?

Calgo Gardens is committed to offering a majority of US-made and global fair-trade products. Looking forward to seeing you at our gift shop, The Barn, where you can leisurely browse our fall & winter selection of artisan crafted items for home, garden…and you!