In this time of uncertainty and crisis, we all seek solace and comfort in the peace of our homes. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of our current situation and take inventory of our personal space—including our yards—and planning how we can make the an oasis for ourselves and our families.

Below we offer a few tips on how to plan for your own dream back yard.

How do you want the space to function?

Every family has different needs. Do you want to cook outside? Entertain? Or do you just need a quiet place to curl up with a book?

Define different areas within the space to create outdoor rooms.

Use pavers and structures like pergolas to clearly define the areas of your yard. You may want an area for entertaining (when social distancing is a faded memory), or a sanctuary to meditate.

Do you need shade from mature trees or privacy from fast growing shrubs?

If the neighbors are feeling a little close this week, a privacy fence created from plants may be the perfect solution. A landscaping specialist will be able to guide you on which trees and shrubs will best suit  your needs.

Treat your outdoor space like your indoor space.

Anchor the areas with outdoor furniture and rugs. Colorful potted plants will add pops of color. This is the part that's meant to be fun and show your personality. Have fun with it—be bold and daring!

If you need help designing your outdoor oasis, contact Calgo Landscaping for a consultation.

We now offer free financing. So take advantage of the extra time home this week to take inventory of your yard and start planning the backyard of your dreams to give you peace and tranquility.

Please stay safe, healthy, and kind. We pray for this country, our citizens, and the world.