Calgo's landscaping team works hard to keep their clients’ container gardens vibrant and overflowing with beautiful blooms all summer long. We asked them to share some snaps of their colorful creations and to also share some tips on how to ensure the container gardens put on a show stopping display all season long.


Make sure your plants get adequate water. Soaring summer temperatures will dry out pots out in a hot minute. Lack of sufficient water will stress your plants and decrease flowering, so be sure to water your plants daily—particularly in super hot weather.


Now is the time to switch to a liquid fertilizer if you started with a slow release variety. Carefully follow the directions of the brand you purchased as too much fertilizer is as damaging (if not more) than too little.

As Necessary

"Deadheading," or pinching off old blooms, will encourage new blooms and just clean up the appearance of your containers. Removing faded flowers will maintain the container garden’s appearance and improve the performance of flowering plants.

Deadheading is a never-ending task, so make sure to make it into something you look forward to. Use it as an excuse to linger over another cup of morning coffee or to enjoy an afternoon iced tea and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

And lastly...

Don’t overlook the obvious. Sometimes plants just don’t do well. If a plant isn’t thriving in your container, get rid of it.

Pull out unhealthy plants and either replace with a new addition or leave the empty space to let the remaining plants flourish and fill in the empty space.

If your plants need a little more TLC than you care to give, consult with Calgo Landscaping to see how they can tenderly help with the care and maintenance of your outdoor oasis.