Each year the average American uses 300 or more plastic bags that can take up to 1,000 years to decompose in our overflowing landfills. Starting May 2022, however, both plastic and paper single-use bags, as well as disposable food containers and cups made out of polystyrene foam, will be banned, and New Jersey residents will be required to use reusable bags.

New Jersey's soon-to-be ban on plastic, paper bags, and polystyrene will be the toughest in the nation and will greatly help reduce pollution along the Jersey shore and waterways.

Fair Trade Reusable Bags
reusable bag

What's banned?

  • Single-use plastic bags
  • Single-use paper bags
  • Polystyrene foam foodservice products
  • Single-use plastic straws (limited bans)

Whether you love or hate the new rule, it's a win for the environment. But it doesn't have to be hard to get in the habit of taking your shopping bags with you and choosing one can be fun.

bags made from recycled canvas

You can:

  • Choose style without compromising the environment.
  • Start reducing your use of plastic now with reusable bags. There's a style for everyone and every day.
  • Choose bags that are made from recycled materials to eliminate waste further. In fact, there are bags made from recycled plastic, paper, and even tarps and tents. Who knew?
fabric bag
reusable wine bag
reusable bag
recycled wine bag

Choose function and versatility to make shopping easier.

A market bag with dividers will both keep your produce divided and keep it from getting damaged. It will also make it easier to get your groceries into the house without having to pick up items strewn all over the place on those occasions when a plastic bag rips. And, by the way, we love beeswax food wrap. It is a wonderful, sustainable way to store your vegetables without having to use more plastic.

Help address environmental issues head-on by choosing reusable bags even before the law goes into effect. If you start now, it'll be second nature by the time the law requires it.

market tote
beeswax food wrap

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