Your dad is your rock: the guy you count on, the guy you lean on. He’s strong, solid, and always there for you—so make sure you have a gift for Father’s Day to show him how much how much he means to you!

Sometimes you and dad just have to chill together and that’s when you pull your rock coasters from the freezer. Chill the coasters in the freezer and take the whole caddy, neatly and easily, to your celebration. The coasters which are handmade from recyclable materials will keep your beverages chillin’ while you and dad spend some quality time together.

If dad likes his beverages on the rocks, use “On the Rocks” to keep them from getting warm and diluted. Store the “rocks” in the freezer for all occasions—just rinse before and after use and place in the handy tray for easy storage.

When you need ice, ice, baby (we couldn't resist!) reach for some mason stones. The dense stone is guaranteed to help you keep your cool. And don’t forget a bottle of dad’s favorite elixir for all of his chillin’ material.

For the dad who is not only entertaining but loves to entertain, a rock solid food slab is perfect for keeping his appetizers or cheese platter at just the right temperature. Keep the serving tray—which is created from farm gathered fieldstone—in the freezer so it’s always at the ready.

Help your father get (or stay) organized with a fun and funky cell phone holder which will ensure that he always knows where hid phone is. Business cards, receipts and notes will always be handy and will look pretty swanky too in a rock designed to hold important papers.

And now that Dad has his things in order and he's been well fed and watered, take some time to relax in the backyard and be soothed into some relaxing conversation with the tranquil sound of bubbling water in the background. A water feature made from stone is the perfect way to keep your "solid as a rock" theme going and will help make dad's outdoor living space the perfect oasis in which to relax after a hectic day.

For all the dads out there, may your special day be one of peace, happiness, and love! Happy Father's Day!