Kombucha: it’s fun to say and fun to drink—but what is it?

Kombucha is nothing new really...it's a healthy beverage originating almost 2,000 years ago, but has recently regained popularity—most certainly for its plentiful health benefits and not its slightly peculiar taste, which will actually leave you wanting more after your taste buds adjust. The kombucha craze is all about health.

Kombucha is a drink made by fermenting sweet tea with a culture made from yeast and bacteria. The scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is a living "blob" that changes the tea into a tangy, fizzy brew and floats on the top. Sounds delicious, right? Luckily natural fruit juices can be added to make the beverage not only palatable, but also delicious.

What does kombucha taste like? It doesn’t taste like juice or tea. It tastes like fermented tea with a hint of vinegary soda. The fermented, slightly sweet tea is bubbly and so full of health benefits that it is easy to become oddly addicted.

The ancient fermentation process produces healthy bacteria called probiotics and antioxidants which are full of healthy benefits. Drinking kombucha is claimed to do many things but simply put studies show that kombucha:

  • Promotes a healthy gut
  • Aids In detoxification
  • Provides antioxidants
  • Boosts energy

Other studies say that drinking the bubbly beverage can increase metabolism, decrease constipation, improve arthritic pain, fights cancer, and improves mental health and more.

If you’re a fan of kombucha (and with all its benefits who wouldn’t be) you can make it yourself, but at only the price of a latte, it’s more convenient to drink it bottled.

Tulip Tree Café carries Kulture Kombucha bottled locally in a variety of delicious flavors, including lavender-mint, raspberry and their newest option, strawberry lemonade sage. All the organic ingredients make for one delicious beverage. It’s even more delicious (although not more healthy) when combined with Tulip Tree’s homemade ice cream for a kombucha float!

Look for Kulture Kombucha at Art in the Garden on September 22 where they will be giving out samples so you can decide for yourself. Get all the details here