If you're looking to extend your living and entertaining space (and who doesn’t want that?), then creating an outdoor kitchen may be the perfect solution for you. Building an outdoor kitchen will add to the value, functionality, and aesthetics of your home...and below are a few valuable tips to consider when you're ready to build yours!

How do you need your kitchen to function? Think about how often you entertain and how many people you will need space for. This will help you decide what appliances you want, need, and can’t live without.

Town Appliance, located in Lakewood, New Jersey, chose Calgo Gardens and The Tulip Tree Café to showcase their appliances. Working with chef Heidi Shultz, they selected outdoor appliances to meet her needs. Chef Heidi's first requirement was the installation of a grill large enough for the café. The grill that was ultimately chosen is not only robust enough to withstand heavy use, but also the elements...and its stainless steel construction with bright red accents make it a beautiful addition to any kitchen! Add an ice maker and a wine fridge to round out your outdoor entertaining experience, making it that much more easy and enjoyable.

The location of your outdoor kitchen should be close enough to your indoor kitchen for ease of use; no one wants to carry supplies a long way. You should also be sure to plan for shade, shelter, and warmth so that you can extend your entertaining season as long possible. Trees, patio umbrellas, and pergolas will all offer shade and some protection from the elements, and a fire pit will heat the area beautifully on those chilly spring and fall evenings, enticing your guests to gather and lounge around its warming flames.

The layout of your kitchen should be professionally planned for the sake of efficiency and definition. Calgo Gardens Landscaping can design your outdoor kitchen to be an outdoor oasis. Professional design will ensure that there is enough prep space, storage, and room designated for eating and relaxing with a cool beverage at your fingertips from the outdoor wine chiller.

Outdoor kitchens should be constructed of materials that are low maintenance and designed specifically for outdoor living. Techo-Bloc chose Calgo Gardens to display the beautiful textures of their carefully curated stone, and Calgo is an authorized Techo-Bloc contractor.

Once your outdoor kitchen is complete, we can pretty much guarantee that you'll never want to cook inside again! Now is the time to add some of your own personality to your new addition to truly make it a part of your home. The appropriate lighting will keep everyone outdoors into the wee hours of the night, and the proper seating will keep them comfortable. There will be plenty of room on the counter top for an herb garden, and vibrant baskets of flowers will add an extra pop of color to your beautiful outdoor living space.

Still on the fence? Contact Calgo Gardens' Landscaping team for more information on how they will design the outdoor kitchen that meets your very own entertaining needs.