There are so many reasons to travel—the benefits and rewards are endless. Traveling broadens your horizons and introduces you to new cultures, people, places, and things. In a recent post for the website Dumb Little Man–Tips for Life, writer Calida Jenkins notes that travel helps you develop new neural connections that trigger original and creative thoughts, which is a result of being out of one's comfort zone and breaking one's daily routine.

This phenomenon is nothing new to Calgo owners Penny and Mark Estomin. Not only do their travels allow for much needed down-time but they spark the creativity that is integral to finding new, beautiful, and unique merchandise to bring home to their customers. Their recent trip to Hawaii was no exception.

While in Hawaii Penny fell in love with the hand blown glass art of artisan and glass master, Chris Lowry. Chris considers himself a craftsman but what he creates is pure art. He strives to design “work that is technically clean, yet interesting enough to capture and maintain the audience’s attention.”

The ancient art of glass blowing is a technique that involves inflating molten (often in excess of 2300˚F) glass into bubbles, shapes and forms usually with the aid of a blowpipe.

Chris Lowry takes the art of fine glass blowing and sculpting to new heights with his colorful glass art.

The platters shown above evoke movement in their color and pattern. Each unique glass piece seems to flow, changing shape as you view it from different angles. They are equally beautiful adorning a table or displayed by hanging on your wall with a custom developed bracket designed to hold the weight of the piece.

Visit The Barn and see first hand the beauty that is Chris Lowry's art. You may just have to have some for yourself...