It’s been said of Calgo Gardens that “everywhere you look, you smile,” and our owners, Penny and Mark Estomin, have worked hard to ensure that. Inspired by their love and respect of nature, a passion for garden living, and a love of art, Calgo’s visually delightful grounds, accented with artisan-made whimsical and functional art, has made it a destination for many.

If you haven’t experienced Calgo first hand, you’ll be delighted by the unexpected, including our intricately planned butterfly garden and monarch way station, buzzing with butterflies, moths, and bees flitting from one bloom to another.

In addition to Calgo’s beautiful grounds, a visit to the Barn, with its collection of carefully curated wares, will also brighten your day. Over the years Penny and Mark have cultivated relationships with talented artisans all over the country—and in fact, the world—in search of unique product for you. Their focus on U.S.-made and global, fair-trade offerings—often crafted from natural elements and recycled materials—are very much in keeping with their love of nature, a desire to promote sustainability, and the intent to make you smile.

Calgo Gardens is also an oasis where creativity flourishes. We have created a community of other like-minded businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers who have chosen to grow their businesses on the Calgo campus.

The Tulip Tree Cafe opened its doors and patio to the public just two-and-a-half short years ago and in that time they have met hundreds of “foodies” and served over 29,000 meals featuring local ingredients. Owner, Chef Heidi Schulz, and her crew have formed friendships, shared recipes and led dozens of workshops with their devotees.

The café is now adding dinner to their menus. Friday nights—all summer long—the café will feature farm-to-table style food and live music. Enjoy fare inspired by fresh, local, New Jersey produce that is prepared in the newly created outdoor kitchen. Dine on the outdoor patio and enjoy a beautiful summer evening or stay cool inside in the farm-style dining area.

The Tulip Tree Café gratefully thanks all customers who have been with them on their journey and made their progress possible.

Cody Parker, owner of Drop The Beet Farms, is diving head-first into educating and using integrative learning tools and hands-on techniques to teach aquaponics and science-based farming at local schools. Individual aquaponics ecosystems are custom designed for each class room and help students learn the basics of water chemistry, nitrogen cycle, and fish and plant care. Aquaponics brings the outdoors indoors and engages and delights students of all ages.

Contact Cody for professional guidance and set up for your class or home.


Diana P. Lang Photography uses the grounds at Calgo Gardens to their fullest by taking advantage of the natural backgrounds to create barn chic and rustic elegant portraits and other types of photography. Summer is the perfect time to schedule your family portrait and celebrate what matters most—your family. Headshots and personal branding sessions are custom tailored to portray your business in a professional and engaging manner and fill your Instagram feed with breathtaking photos.

Arrangements can also be made for private photography lessons at Calgo Gardens where there is always something to photograph.

The buy local, eat local movement has extended to locally grown flowers and floral farmer, Dana Vargo, owner of  Flowers From the Farm NJ, uses organic growing practices that appeal to the inner environmentalist in all of us. Dana uses new and unusual flower varieties, as well as old favorites, to create arrangements that are sure to brighten any day. They are available in The Barn Thursday through Sunday. Join the “flower club” to enjoy seasonal flower arrangements with a casual elegance and creative flair.

Dana can also provide breathtaking creative floral services for all of your events from small, intimate gatherings to boho style and/or formal weddings.

If Calgo Gardens inspires the inner artist in you, you’re going to want to sign up for a watercolor class with artist Cindy Allen! Beginning and intermediate classes are offered on Tuesdays for students of all levels. Surrounding yourself with creativity will bring your inner artist to the fore and allow you to thrive in a cozy and welcoming environment.

Call Cindy at 732-598-7128 for more information.

Who needs the beach when you can practice yoga in the garden? Why not mix things up and enjoy a Monday night class in the peaceful and harmonious gardens at Calgo. The Yoga Loft offers a place to practice yoga and meditation surrounded by the peaceful beauty of Calgo Gardens, the gentle sounds of water features, and soothing songs of evening birds.

Caring and compassionate teachers offer a variety of classes from beginners to advanced students, along with many holistic, spiritual, and wellness workshops. Please check their schedule to choose the class right for you.