Why should you start your plants from seed? Starting your plants from seed will give you a jump start on your garden which means earlier harvesting. This also means that you will be harvesting healthier, better tasting vegetables, and enjoying your flowers for a longer season!

Choosing seeds from a seed source will give you more variety than you can find locally so you can plant exactly what you want and save money while doing so. Have fun experimenting with different varieties because the cost of seeds is minimal. Growing vegetables and flowers from seed is rewarding and fun.


Here are a few basic tips to ensure good results from your seed planting:

  1. Choose varieties that will grow in your climate (check frost zones for timing)
  2. Use a high quality seed starting mix
  3. Make sure your growing containers have adequate drainage holes
  4. Plant seeds at the suggested depth
  5. Adequate moisture is extremely important
  6. Place your growing containers in a warm location
  7. Move containers to a bright spot as soon as the seedlings emerge
  8. Begin fertilizing
  9. Transplant seedlings when they are ready


Choose your seeds from our beautiful collection—the packets themselves are works of art, and helpful seed planting tips are on the back of each one.

You can, of course, make your own DIY planting containers—or if you want more control, use a germination propagation kit. The ease of the kit will convert you into starting your own seeds every year. Just add your own growing substance and seeds to get growing.


Our raised garden growing kit is like the Cadillac of raised garden beds. It's self watering, covered to keep animals out and can be raised to waist height. It gives you the size of a raised garden with all of the benefits of container gardening. Easily the most simple way to grown your own vegetables and harvest your own food. Stop by to see how functional and practical the container kits are!

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