Ah the pleasure of a surprisingly warm day in the middle of February! It sparks our longing to get outside and back into the garden. Take advantage of the mild weather to start some winter gardening chores. Your yard will love it—and so will your soul.

Most of the last stubborn leaves have fallen and are making a real mess of your yard. Although cleaning the leaf debris can be done in the spring, doing it now will make your yard look neat and well maintained. You can tidy all of your flower beds. Gather all the sticks to use for kindling in the fire pit, make a fire, and enjoy the warmth while you work.

A warm winter day is perfect to do the dormant pruning on your deciduous shrubs and trees. The absence of leaves lets you get a really good look at their shape, size and form. Pruning the thickest stems will allow the plant to put energy into pushing out a lot of new woody growth in the spring. Selective pruning in the winter will help the overall shape of the plants.

It’s a good time to tame unruly plants like Vinca Minor and ivy. You can easily cut it back or dig it out to keep the vines from getting tangled in close by plants. Be aggressive with the pruning to keep the plants from taking over.

If you haven’t cut back your late blooming perennials, now is the time to do it. Your garden beds will be look better and will allow the new spring growth to come through easily.

Winter is the time to reflect on last season’s garden and growth. What did you love about it? What didn’t work? What new exciting projects do you want to accomplish this spring? We are starting our spring planning at Calgo Gardens. We will have an abundance of spring projects. events, and surprises for you—in the nursery, at The BARN, and more.

If you prefer to get that neat & clean feeling by having Calgo Gardens do your spring clean-up…please call us for a free estimate!