Backyard Chickens

Jun 9, 2021 | Blog, Events, Gardening, General, Health & Wellness, outdoor living

In full disclosure – we started keeping chickens before keeping chickens during Covid was cool. Here at Calgo we already knew the benefits of the backyard fowl before chickens became the unexpected pet of the pandemic. The surprising trend of tending chickens came from the unease about food security coupled with new stay at home stay away from work policies. New lifestyles had people flocking to the hatcheries. But raising chickens is more than a pandemic past time and shouldn’t be attempted without serious consideration.
Weighing the pros and cons will help you decide if the hen trend is right for you.

Why you may not want chickens:

Chickens are really messy. They tear up the yard and produce a lot of waste that needs to be cleaned regularly.

It can be expensive when you weigh in the coop, the feed, the chicks themselves plus a myriad of unforeseen and unpredicted items.

They need to be fed and watered. Every. Single. Day.

Your neighbors may balk at the squawking. Both hens and roosters make a lot of noise and even if it doesn’t bother you, it may bother others around you.

Why you may want chickens:

They’re a source of entertainment. Remember during lockdown when you had nothing to do? Well backyard chickens give you a lot to do. Like dressing them up in tutus for a photo op.

There’s nothing like farm fresh eggs from free range chickens. Not only do they taste better, they’re better for you.

Compost from their waste is great for your garden. (Does that outweigh having to clean the coop for you?)

Raising chickens is the ultimate science lesson. If you have kids, animal husbandry will teach your children many science related things with the added bonus of teaching responsibility.

For most people the cons are going to outweigh the pros. Raising chickens is a big commitment in time and money and if you’re not sure you really want to make that commitment, just visit our little chicken coop. Taylor Edgington, nursery manager has raised the chickens from chicks. She has handled them so much, that the chickens (or at least most of them) can be picked up and petted. Each chicken has her own unique personality which Taylor can tell you all about. You can reserve times with the chickens for a lesson filled and exciting children’s birthday party (chicken tutus included) where children can learn about and handle the hens. And don’t forget to watch for other “eggciting” events!

We have so many events coming up!

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