28 Mar 2022

Landscaping 101 – Hardscape

Are you ready to build the outdoor space of your dreams - one that will provide you and your family with an outdoor sanctuary that delight you with years of enjoyment? Landscaping is a personal and practical process that requires planning, foresight, and patience.

Breaking down the structure of your outdoor space will help you segment the plans, planting, and embellishing. Think of your yard as a structure with the bones, pathways, rooms, and design elements that will all make up the formation of your personal oasis.


09 Jun 2021

Backyard Chickens

In full disclosure - we started keeping chickens before keeping chickens during Covid was cool. Here at Calgo we already knew the benefits of the backyard fowl before chickens became the unexpected pet of the pandemic. The surprising trend of tending chickens came from the unease about food security coupled with new stay at home stay away from work policies. New lifestyles had people flocking to the hatcheries. But raising chickens is more than a pandemic past time and shouldn't be attempted without serious consideration.