Do You Love Fall Most Of All?

Oct 14, 2021 | Blog, General, outdoor living, Product we Love

Do you love fall most of all? Whether it’s the changing leaves or the changing weather that you love, fall is a great time to get cozy. Here’s a few ways to bring the autumn vibes into your home.

Wrap yourself in something warm.

Embrace a mix of textures and layer yourself in scarves made from soft wool or cashmere. We love the functional loop that will keep your scarf in place. Layer a so soft cashmere wrap over a long vest to ward off the chill temps. And if you’re not ready to commit to gloves yet, make sure to choose a sweater with pockets to warm your hands.

Light up some candles.

Create a cozy and warm ambience with a soft candle lit glow. Think autumn smells like tobacco bark, or grapefruit pine. These Himalayan handmade candles are designed to trigger memories and nostalgia.

Make a fire.

Long matches will make fire lighting or candle lighting a lot easier. Then sit back and let your self be mesmerized by the glow of the flames.

Sip something hot to warm you from the inside out.

When you need a break from pumpkin spice, steep some tea in a mug that you can wrap your hands around for instant heart-warming sensation (and hand warming.) Make a hearty home-made soup and enjoy the fragrance while it cooks. A pottery bowl will keep it steaming!

Enjoy the autumn color.

It’s time to get outdoors and be awed by the miracles of nature.

The fall foliage only lasts for a short time and it’s also the perfect time to plan a family photo shoot. Diana P. Lang Photography can photograph your family here at Calgo or another fall destination.

Load up on fall décor.

You can find all the mums, pumpkins, squash and other fall inspired plants you need to make your porch or home into a welcoming fall landscape.

Don’t forget to check out our events page for more fall inspired activities!

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