The Barn


“Earth” Without “Art” is “Eh”

We believe that our homes and gardens should be populated by people and things that enhance our lives with beauty, harmony, and peace. So, it was simply natural that our passion for garden living entwined with our love of art and blossomed into THE BARN—showcasing a thoughtfully chosen assemblage of whimsical, sophisticated, spiritual, and functional art…all inspired by nature. It’s “our naturally gifted shop”!

“Everywhere you look, you’ll smile!”

Enter THE BARN and find yourself surrounded by a sunny party of artfully presented creations crafted by artists and artisans we’ve been privileged to discover through our travels. Owner/buyer Penny Estomin’s quirky style is elevated by her eye for beauty and quality. THE BARN’s staff are all creative, talented, and enthusiastic about Calgo! If “everywhere you look, you’ll smile!” is true, it is because of their artistic flair, proven skills, and readiness to have fun!


A Symphony of Color

The BARN is an eclectic world of gifts and wares—a lively mix of tradition and whimsy—created to enchant, dazzle and move us. Whether looking for a standout gift, a piece to enhance your home’s interior or exterior, or just something to brighten your day—THE BARN at Calgo Gardens has a delightful range of inspired choices to adorn garden, home, and you! It’s truly an experience!

stunning jewelry • extraordinary chandeliers • hand-crafted pottery • colorful art glass • fantastic clocks • luxurious throws • soul-filling wind chimes • kinetic mobiles • a bounty of serving bowls & cheese boards • playful birdhouses • re-purposed lighting • whimsical wall hangings • organic, handcrafted soaps • soothing aroma therapy • wearable art • children’s gifts … and so much more!!!


Why “The Barn”?

When we moved Calgo Gardens to Monmouth County in the spring of 2010, we left behind the actual post and beam barn that housed our store, but not its name or spirit. [ past & present ]


We are committed to offering a majority of U.S.-made and global fair-trade items crafted from natural elements and/or recycled and re-purposed materials. A sprinkle of finds from Canada and Israel, too!