7-Acre Nursery


A Visual Delight

Calgo Gardens’ nursery is a visually delightful, surprising, and happily engaging experience. It is our showcase for expressing our vision—a homage to garden living— harmonizing nature, art, and design. This is where we’ve put down roots, planting our landscaping headquarters, our wonder-full gift shop, colorful flower shed (complete with green roof!), and where we offer our popular hands-on workshops & events.

Our grounds are designed to invite exploration. Discover corners and walkways blooming with intriguing varieties of flowers and plants, spectacular container gardens, small-scale planted environments, soothing fountains, sparkling glass flowers, whimsical statuary, and quirky yard decor. It’s a garden lovers’ haven. Every nook and turn will inspire ideas for your home and garden. Visit often…as the season progresses, everything grows, blossoms, and changes.


Uncommon Selection

Gardening and landscaping are creative outlets—a chance to make a statement, whether peaceful and serene or outlandish and wild. Calgo has a reputation among established gardeners for offering a fascinating selection of uncommon flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs.

Whether you are a Master Gardener or just beginning to plan your “dream” garden, the grounds offer the materials to realize your vision. Our staff loves what they do and will be pleased to advise and consult with you. We have often heard them described as “…approachable, courteous, friendly, helpful, instructive, knowledgeable.”


Certified Monarch Butterfly Way Station

Calgo is a Certified Monarch Waystation! Monarch butterfly populations are declining due to the loss of habitat. A Monarch Waystation is simply a garden that has both milkweed plants, which Monarchs feed on as caterpillars and nectar plants that they feed on as adults. By creating and maintaining a Monarch Waystation, our community is helping to assure the preservation of the species and the continuation of the spectacular monarch migration.