The Calgo Experience


Everywhere you look, you’ll smile!

The most visible and storied part of Calgo Gardens is our enchanting and visually delightful grounds. The land is dotted with brightly painted, imaginatively decorated outbuildings, lush garden walkways, colorful pottery, water features, and decorative and architectural elements. Whether it’s a meditating frog, a towering glass flower, a scrap metal goat, or a vertical succulent garden—we guarantee…everywhere you look, you’ll smile.


Because “Earth” without “Art” is “Eh”

The Calgo patio is our wow factor—offering a place to relax and reflect…and fantasize about where all of these wonders can fit into your dream property. We landscaped to offer a happy mix of nature’s beauty and its inspiration for creative expression. Calgo Gardens is a destination for those who appreciate the artistry of landscaping and the harmony of nature, art, and design. Our grounds are our work of art—a garden lover’s haven. Harmony by design.


Focused On You

At its core, Calgo Gardens is about your well-being… the belief that nature, art, and positive energy feed our spirits. Our team is a positive group of individuals—talented, dedicated, welcoming, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and attentive. Looking for a stand-out hostess gift? Need a shade-friendly shrub? Curious why your clematis isn’t thriving? We’ll take care of you.


Calgo Gardens

• inspired by nature
• a passion for garden living
• transforming open spaces with signature design
• acres of uncommon flowers plantings, pottery & inspiration
• a gift shop with a whimsical selection of functional art

…it’s an experience