tree/shrub/property maintenance


a personal gardener

• There are at least two times of year when you must attend to your property—spring cleanup to open your gardens; and autumn, when you rake, clean, and button up for winter. But proper landscape maintenance is really more than a twice a year chore. A garden must be weeded, fertilized, and raked through. Certain plants, perennials, trees, and shrubs need to be cut back at different times to get optimal flowering. Spring and fall annuals need to be planted to enhance year-round color. Tree and shrub care—including clearing debris—is essential to preserving your property’s lush beauty.

• Who has the time and expertise to do it right? What you need is a personal gardener. You keep your lawn looking good—let Calgo Gardens maintain your beds and gardens.

maintenance by design

• “Harmony by design” is our landscaping tag line; our maintenance services offer maintenance by design. We can customize your chore list and develop a schedule that works for you and your budget—supporting your landscape and your peace of mind.

• Some things a personal gardener can do:

  • Spring cleanup—edge, clip, mulch, apply weed barrier, fertilize, etc. Eliminate mold, bacteria, and diseases that can be festering in dead materials
  • Monthly upkeep—prune plants and shrubs at the right time of the year, rake through beds, weed, apply weed barrier, deadhead flowers, plant annuals, fertilize & more!
  • Winter prep—shut down the garden for the year, clip, clean leaves and plant material out of beds, fertilize, employ winter safeguards.

whatever works for you

• Explore the possibilities. Invite us over for a free consultation & estimate. We will analyze your property and discuss a customized schedule that will keep your property beautifully maintained all year. Monthly, bi-weekly, once a season…whatever works for your particular outdoor space and budget.

maintenance rewards

• Loyalty has its rewards. ­­Calgo customers are eligible for discounts on any additional landscape or hardscape work contracted in addition to a yearly maintenance contract.