Phyllis Toms River, New Jersey

Observations from a Master Gardener: Approachable, courteous, friendly, helpful, instructive, knowledgeable! If you’re an established gardener, or are just beginning to consider planning your “dream” garden, then Calgo Gardens is for you! If you’re looking for that unique item (either plant or accent piece), to include in your nearly perfect garden, then Calgo Gardens is for you! Calgo’s inventory is like no other! Trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, biennials, statuary, pots, and various types of support equipment to make your garden the envy of all. Penny, Mark and staff are like family that are ready, willing, and able to assist you with your gardening needs and questions! Kudo’s to Calgo Gardens!

Phyllis –Toms River, New Jersey

Connie Freehold, New Jersey

A gem right here in Howell! Calgo has a wide variety of beautiful gifts from artisians I have never seen in another store. This is the only place I can find gifts for two friends who are impossible to buy for! Presentation is beautiful start to finish. Great service and wrapping is included!

Connie –Freehold, New Jersey

Josephine Howell, New Jersey

I visited Calgo Gardens for the first time on July 30, 2013. I was in awe. The grounds and garden displays made me feel like I entered a fairytale garden. Every nook and cranny held something exciting and interesting to see. I was especially surprised to see the beautiful garden chairs, each one more beautiful than the last. I would love to attend a workshop to make my very own garden chair. Can you let me know when you will be having such a workshop? Thank you so much. Your creativity is truly amazing. Keep creating.

Josephine –Howell, New Jersey

Pam Ocean, New Jersey

Looking for miles of flats of ordinary marigolds or geraniums? Stick with Home Depot. Calgo goes way beyond the humdrum, way beyond the typical. I found the center by accident one day and was stopped in my tracks, stunned by the shear beauty of the place. Can’t think up plant combinations with any impact yourself? It doesn’t matter, because the staff at Calgo can do it for you. Somebody there must have an art degree because what strikes the visitor when looking at the plantscapes is “painterly.” Go if you need plants, go if you need garden decor, go if you need gifts (the Barn is phenomenal), go if you need advice, inspiration or just a place to breathe in beauty. Truly amazing: I bet you can’t say that of your local garden center.

Pam –Ocean, New Jersey

Anthony S. Lavallette, New Jersey

My wife contacted Calgo Gardens to help surprise me on Father’s Day with a gift of landscaping our front yard. After the unfortunate effect of Super Storm Sandy on our landscaping, she felt it was time to bring life back into our yard. Ironically, I felt the same way and also contacted Calgo. It was hard for Owner, Mark Estomin, to keep the secret from me as we both told him separately what we liked. Mark hadn’t even shown me a design when one day I arrived home and I was truly surprised as the project was complete and looked totally amazing. Mark and his team are certainly talented designers and were even better at executing our vision. Mark has a gift for listening, creating beautiful outdoor spaces and KEEPING a SECRET!!! We certainly will consult him again as we look to refresh other areas of our property.

Anthony S. –Lavallette, New Jersey