What Is Seasonal Eating?

Jun 23, 2021 | Blog, Events, Gardening, General, Health & Wellness, outdoor living, Recipes

What is seasonal eating? Eating seasonally means you are eating the freshest local food. It’s purchasing and consuming the fruits and vegetables that are locally grown at their prime time of harvest. (It’s extra special if it’s grown in your own garden.) The produce will be simply delicious and fresh because it’s picked when it’s at its best.
Seasonal produce is sweeter, tastes better and is full of vitamins. And because there’s an abundance all at once, it’s usually at its lowest cost of the year. You support your local farmers and businesses when you buy produce that’s in season and in return you get fruits and vegetables that are more environmentally friendly.

But the one problem with seasonal eating is that there’s an abundance all at one time which means you may not know what to do with all that zucchini in your garden. Find inspiration on how to use your stockpile of ripe tomatoes and cucumbers in our collection of cook books and dine deliciously.

Graze is inspiration for small and meandering meals. You’ll find way to entertain simply and effortlessly. Small ceramic bowls are perfect for serving the dishes – and will add creativity and flair to your table.

Summer is all about easy entertaining and On Boards will give you ideas to make your meals mobile and tips on how to choose the perfect board.

Salad Days is about more than iceberg lettuce and cucumbers. Put your seasonal harvest to use with the simple and satisfying recipes. And show off your produce in a vintage berry basket from our own InnVintage collection.

Make a super food a meal when you combine it with fresh and local herbs and eggs with easy directions from An Avocado A Day. Avocado deviled eggs – yum, please.

Be inspired to try new dishes, new ways of serving and entertaining by using the freshest, most local and seasonal produce

Planting your own garden is the easiest way to eat seasonally. And if you want more information and guidance on growing and maintaining your own garden, make sure to sign up for our Edible Garden workshop where you’ll learn:

  • How to grow and harvest herbs
  • The difference between annual and perennial edible plants
  • How to grow cold-hardy veggies and when to start a fall garden that lasts through winter
  • When to start a warm-weather crop
  • How to prune your tomatoes and other plants for a larger yield
  • How to prevent pests and disease
  • Companion planting
  • Growing strawberries and asparagus and what not to do during the first two years!and much more!
    Sign up here for this event and more!

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