A Celebration of Women

Mar 18, 2021 | Blog, General, Health & Wellness, Product we Love

March is Women’s History Month—a time set aside to highlight and honor women’s contributions and accomplishments throughout history and contemporary society. What began as a one-day event is now a month-long reminder of what women are capable of, and each day is a new day to recognize the trailblazers who have led and continue to lead the way for change.

With so many incredible women to honor in all walks of life and fields of endeavor, it would be virtually impossible to name them all. However, we love the List of Women’s Firsts as it is a clear reminder of how much women have changed the world.

A little closer to home, our amazing group of women entrepreneurs here at Calgo is making its own impact in our world. Serendipity brought us together, but friendship and sisterhood have kept us together!

Penny Estomin

A co-owner of Calgo Gardens, Penny has always championed and supported her fellow women. In fact, the Calgo campus is comprised mainly of women business owners, all of whom regularly support, encourage, and work together to ensure mutual success.

Additionally, Penny has curated a collection of artisan-made wares sold at The Barn that are, for the most part, created by women artists, many of whom have found ways to give back to the community with the sales of their products. “Giving back” has always been an essential part of doing business at Calgo and is a trait definitely worth celebrating this month.

Heidi Schulz

Chef Heidi of Tulip Tree Cafe began her own business because she simply wanted to do what she loves to do every day. By working for herself, she set her own boundaries, and as a result, lives her life more fully—making anything possible!

An unintended bonus of Heidi making her dream come true was that she also became a teacher and a role model for her daughter and other young women. Following her lead, these young women are growing into strong leaders with strong minds who themselves will make a positive impact in the world.

Dee Duncan

As the owner of The Yoga Loft Dee has created a serene and safe space, wherein students can experience the life-enhancing benefits of yoga. The environment is free from goals or judgment and is full of compassion from caring instructors who guide students through their practice as they connect to body, mind, and spirit.

Dee and her instructors are dedicated to helping all students embrace the gifts that yoga has to offer, along with spiritual circles, Reiki, and various workshops.

Diana Lang

If you follow this blog, you’re already very familiar with Diana’s beautiful photography as it regularly accompanies our posts twice a month. But in addition to what you see here, Diana is the successful owner of Diana P. Lang Photography, a studio known for its portrait work.

Diana loves working with women and her sessions are designed to accommodate all ages and levels of confidence. She skillfully puts her clients at ease, allowing her to capture both their inner and outer beauty—something she truly loves to share with them. According to Diana, “I love creating portraits for women and those they love… because we all deserve to have beautiful photos of ourselves!”

Laurie Olefsen

Laurie started her business, Olefson Art Opticals, so that she could stay home with her kids as they were growing up—long before it was trendy to do so! Now she’s bucking the trend once again and doing business outside of the home in her fabulous tiny studio located on the Calgo campus.

Laurie’s handmade eyeglass frames and artful readers are truly “art for your face.” Stop in at the studio the next time you’re at Calgo, and we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll leave with a pair (or three!) of her unique specs.

Mia Devi and Lisa Gatto

Woman-owned and operated Sacred Roots Wellness is a business devoted to being of service by holding space, and inspiring women to live their most authentic and beautiful lives.

Mia and Lisa are honored to offer holistic massage, facials, spiritual and intuitive mentorship, and energy healing in addition to women’s circles and workshops. They offer both private and couple sessions—perfect for girlfriend time and/or mother and daughter bonding.

Gail McFadden

Inn Vintage is the newest addition to the Calgo campus and its owner and former innkeeper, Gail McFadden, is thrilled to share her love of all things vintage with the Calgo community.

Gail has been influenced by many amazing and creative women along her journey, however, the business truly honors her mother who was very much ahead of her time. She not only instilled in Gail the value of vintage treasures but also the beauty and character that are innate to them. She also shared an out-of-the-box ability to repurpose those treasures in bold and unique ways.

Be sure to stop in and say “hello” the next time you’re at Calgo.

Dana Vargo

After 20+ years in a corporate environment, Flowers From The Farm NJ owner, Dana Vargo, felt it was time to pursue a career that spoke to her from the heart— and so her business was born. Over the last six years, she has felt incredibly lucky to be able to do what she loves, but more importantly to have met and worked with so many talented, like-minded, strong, and driven women.

Dana sums up how we feel about Women’s History Month perfectly… “I am thankful for words like courageous, intelligent, creative, and most importantly perseverance because the women that went before me opened minds and doors that allow myself and many others do what we do without question. There is more to be done, but there is so much to be thankful for.”

We here at Calgo are thankful for the creative and strong women who inspire us every day.

Calgo Gardens is grounded in the belief that nature, art, and positive energy feed our spirits. If “earth” without “ART” is “eh,” Calgo chooses to nurture earth’s ART. Our style and feel is the result of consciously living our philosophy—harmony by design. eARTh will be alive with posts about Calgo-style garden ideas, plants and flowers we love, do-it-yourself projects, new items from THE BARN—and all the dirt (and fun!) that’s happening at Calgo!