14 Dec 2021

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Need ideas to stuff your stockings? We’ve got stuff that will have your stockings overfilled and flowing. Whether your tradition is to hang your stockings with care by the fireplace or at the end of the bed, it’s oh so much fun to fill them with tiny treats and gifts.


21 Nov 2021

6 Alternatives to the Poinsettia

The poinsettia is often thought of as the iconic Christmas plant, but not everyone loves the showy and difficult to care for plant. If its not your idea of holiday decorating, we have  alternatives to the poinsettia.  Decorate your home with these vibrant, lush and easy to care for plants that are sure to make your home merry and bright.


18 Mar 2021

A Celebration of Women

March is Women's History Month—a time set aside to highlight and honor women's contributions and accomplishments throughout history and contemporary society. What began as a one-day event is now a month-long reminder of what women are capable of, and each day is a new day to recognize the trailblazers who have led and continue to lead the way for change.