Anthony S. Lavallette, New Jersey

May 19, 2021 | Testimonial

My wife contacted Calgo Gardens to help surprise me on Father’s Day with a gift of landscaping our front yard. After the unfortunate effect of Super Storm Sandy on our landscaping, she felt it was time to bring life back into our yard. Ironically, I felt the same way and also contacted Calgo. It was hard for Owner, Mark Estomin, to keep the secret from me as we both told him separately what we liked. Mark hadn’t even shown me a design when one day I arrived home and I was truly surprised as the project was complete and looked totally amazing. Mark and his team are certainly talented designers and were even better at executing our vision. Mark has a gift for listening, creating beautiful outdoor spaces and KEEPING a SECRET!!! We certainly will consult him again as we look to refresh other areas of our property.

Anthony S. –Lavallette, New Jersey

Calgo Gardens is grounded in the belief that nature, art, and positive energy feed our spirits. If “earth” without “ART” is “eh,” Calgo chooses to nurture earth’s ART. Our style and feel is the result of consciously living our philosophy—harmony by design. eARTh will be alive with posts about Calgo-style garden ideas, plants and flowers we love, do-it-yourself projects, new items from THE BARN—and all the dirt (and fun!) that’s happening at Calgo!