We all need a special place to rejuvenate and relax; a place that inspires, excites and energizes us. For owners Penny and Mark Estomin, that special place is their cottage in the Berkshires.

The Berkshires is a rural regions in the mountains of the western Massachusetts that appeals to music, food, and art lovers alike. The outdoor concerts are varied and draw visitors all summer long as do the art museums which are renowned for their curated collections. Foodies of all tastes go to enjoy and sample the booming farm to table dining scene.  And don't forget about the outdoor activities! The heirloom gardens, hiking trails and historic buildings are calling to be explored. Breathtaking vistas will cause you to take a moment to stop and enjoy the beauty.

The artisanal festivals are the delights and source of inspiration for Penny. They are where she connects with artists and communities who share the same passions as she does.It's where she forms lasting relationships with artists to fill The Barn with visual delights and products that have a purpose or a re-purpose

An invitation to see the working studios of artists is something Penny and Mark thoroughly enjoy and appreciate. They often return the invitation for artists to participate in the annual Art Show.

When Penny and Mark vacation, they usually vacate to their cottage in The Berkshires. It's a working vacation where they can rejuvenate their minds and souls while searching for new relationships with artists and visiting with long time and cherished friends. In their search they bring home products and art that will turn your home into an oasis for your to relax and rejuvenate.

Come stroll the grounds of Calgo Gardens to see what treasures have been created and found in The Berkshires.