20 Feb 2019

Traveling for Treasures

There are so many reasons to travel—the benefits and rewards are endless. Traveling broadens your horizons and introduces you to new cultures, people, places, and things. In a recent post for the website Dumb Little Man–Tips for Life, writer Calida Jenkins notes that travel helps you develop new neural connections that trigger original and creative thoughts, which is a result of being out of one's comfort zone and breaking one's daily routine.


06 Feb 2019

Tips for Winter Yard Maintenance

February is the perfect time for planning and rejuvenating. We can't wait for the first signs of spring! Here at Calgo, we're planning to reopen full time in March, with exciting plans for our nursery.

This spring Kerry Estomin will be joining Drew TinerDavid Szeller, and Calgo owner and principal landscape designer Mark Estomin, as an integral part of the the Calgo team, and will be on hand full time in the nursery to answer all of your garden related questions. Whether you're a master gardener or planning your first dream garden, Kerry will offer the advice and knowledge necessary to help you design your own personal oasis.

The Calgo team is now busily planning and preparing for spring. By taking advantage of those rare, warm and sunny days we are periodically graced with this time of year, it's possible to get get some of your winter yard maintenance done and be one step ahead when spring makes its appearance.

Now is the time to...

Plan your garden: 

  • Choose the right plants for your location.
  • Be creative with color schemes.
  • Have a realistic expectation of the amount of time you are prepared to give.
  • The planning stages are the fun part and help brighten up dreary, chilly February days.

Maintain garden tools:

  • Sharpen blades, make repairs or replace hand tools as necessary.
  • Tune up the lawnmower.

You'll be able to jump right into yard maintenance once it's warm enough.      .

Clean up the yard:

  • Check for ice and snow damage.
  • Clear away broken limbs and debris.
  • Check your trees and shrubs to see when they should be pruned.

Check flower beds:

  • Pull any weeds if the ground isn't frozen and replace mulch. You will be ready to pop in annuals and perennials once the time is right.
  • Turn your compost over and mix thoroughly. Add fallen leaves. Come spring,you'll have fresh and nutrient rich soil to add to your plantings.
  • Continue filling bird feeders. The birds will love it and you'll love watching them.


We're ready to say bye-bye to winter and hello spring!

06 Mar 2018

Rustic Garden Structures

Arbors and outdoor furniture are a beautiful addition to any landscape design—being both functional and practical. Furnished gardens invite people to both walk and linger in your outdoor living space. Strategically placed items allow you to relax in the sunlight or in the cover of the shade.


13 Feb 2018

Winter Gardening Chores

Ah the pleasure of a surprisingly warm day in the middle of February! It sparks our longing to get outside and back into the garden. Take advantage of the mild weather to start some winter gardening chores. Your yard will love it—and so will your soul.