28 Mar 2022

Landscaping 101 – Hardscape

Are you ready to build the outdoor space of your dreams - one that will provide you and your family with an outdoor sanctuary that delight you with years of enjoyment? Landscaping is a personal and practical process that requires planning, foresight, and patience.

Breaking down the structure of your outdoor space will help you segment the plans, planting, and embellishing. Think of your yard as a structure with the bones, pathways, rooms, and design elements that will all make up the formation of your personal oasis.


20 Feb 2019

Traveling for Treasures

There are so many reasons to travel—the benefits and rewards are endless. Traveling broadens your horizons and introduces you to new cultures, people, places, and things. In a recent post for the website Dumb Little Man–Tips for Life, writer Calida Jenkins notes that travel helps you develop new neural connections that trigger original and creative thoughts, which is a result of being out of one's comfort zone and breaking one's daily routine.