Celebrating 10 Years of Our Roots Firmly Planted

Mar 2, 2020 | General, Special Events

This year, 2020, is a big one for us—and we’ll be celebrating all year long! This milestone marks the 10 year anniversary of Calgo Gardens and The Barn in our current location.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Monmouth County for ten years, but there are a chapter (or two) in our story before we moved the business and we’d love to share the origins of Calgo Gardens and the Barn with those of you who don’t know it.

Calgo Gardens was originally founded by pioneer businesswoman Charlotte Hirsch in 1948. She owned Calgo until 1978 when current owner, Mark Estomin, purchased the business and proceeded to put his own spin on it. In 1998, Penny Estomin joined the team as a partner and opened an onsite, artisan gift store, The Barn. Ten years ago, Mark and Penny moved the business to Monmouth County, where Calgo has proceeded to firmly plant its roots in the community.


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Ten Fun Facts About Calgo…

  1. The original Barn was built in Lakewood where Penny and Mark hosted a barn raising.
  2. The Barn in Lakewood sold tools, not artisan gifts.
  3. Until they changed locations, Calgo Gardens was the oldest nursery in Ocean County.
  4. The first artisan made product The Barn sold was handmade outdoor furniture…and some of it is still at Calgo!
  5. The name “Calgo” is an acronym.
  6. “C ” stands for Charlotte, Calgo’s founder.
  7. “A ” stands for Aida, Charlotte’s helper.
  8. “L” stands for landscaping.
  9. “G” stands for gardens.
  10. “O” stands for orchard.


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We don’t know about you, but we sure are ready for spring! To help celebrate both a new season and our anniversary, Calgo Gardens is giving away a special “Hello Spring!” gift package to one lucky winner.

The prize includes:

  • A $25 gift certificate to The Barn, plus a surprise secret artisan made gift!
  • A gift certificate for lunch at The Tulip Tree Café
  • A gift certificate for THREE yoga classes at The Yoga Loft
  • A voucher for a portrait session with one 8×10 photograph from Diana P. Lang Photography
  • A tour for two and a salad bag from Drop The Beet Farms
  • A fresh, seasonal arrangement from Flowers from the Farm
  • A piece of hand-crafted jewelry from Magpie Jewelry


To enter:

Simply stop by The Barn, as often as you like, and enter your name in the drawing!


We at Calgo are busy getting ready for an exciting new season and will resume our full time hours on the first day of spring, March 19. Until then the hours are Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10 AM-4 PM. Come on in to say “hello” and enter the drawing for our “Hello Spring” Giveaway!

Calgo Gardens is grounded in the belief that nature, art, and positive energy feed our spirits. If “earth” without “ART” is “eh,” Calgo chooses to nurture earth’s ART. Our style and feel is the result of consciously living our philosophy—harmony by design. eARTh will be alive with posts about Calgo-style garden ideas, plants and flowers we love, do-it-yourself projects, new items from THE BARN—and all the dirt (and fun!) that’s happening at Calgo!