It's no great surprise that Woodstock has influenced generations of music lovers and free-spirited youth. The event brought together over half a million people in celebration of peace, music, and love. Fifty years later, the spirit of Woodstock lives on—right on—right here at Calgo!

In honor of Woodstock's 50th anniversary, we are celebrating all things bohemian right down to our hippie-themed scarecrow workshop last weekend and Art in the Garden this weekend!

Over the years, Woodstock has influenced fashion, home décor, and more. The event was the birthplace of festival fashion, and the repurposing of ethnic clothing and thrifting (or upcycling) became hugely popular after the event. The freedom to express yourself with your wardrobe was one of the many lasting effects. Do-it-yourself tie dying with RIT dye and rubber bands became the de rigueur look for hippies and squares alike and is still popular for all ages today!

Hippie chicks made the bohemian style popular with their international journeys. People were going global in search of spiritual awakening and enlightenment and bringing back treasured items which were brought incorporated into their décor. The rule breaking and exotic style is the epitome of “hippiness”.

Peace signs and macramé were all part of the weekend festival and the anniversary brings a resurgence in popularity. A macramé swing with a boho vibe is the perfect place to sit and enjoy listening to some Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

Whether you’re decorating yourself, your living space, or your outdoor area, let your inner hippie run wild and free and celebrate the festival of peace, love and music!

We're excited to see you at Art in the Garden this Saturday, September 28 from 10 am – 4 pm so you can see for yourself how we're paying homage to the era of peace and love!

We'll be judging the scarecrows created during last weekend's Scarecrow Workshop, so you can see how others are remembering Woodstock as well. The creator of the prize-winning scarecrow will receive a $50 gift certificate to Calgo Gardens! Groovy!