Feng Shui Houseplants

Feb 10, 2021 | Blog, General, Health & Wellness, Product we Love

There are houseplants that invite good fortune, money, energy and flexibility into your home and we can all use house guests like that right now. While we’re not feng shui experts, we are smitten with how house plants can feng shui your home. For expert advice on this ancient Chinese philosophy, Know Feng Shui is a great learning resource.

What we do know is that the presence of house plants inspires compassion, kindness and flexibility and if the plants add a little feng shui to your home, we call that a win win win.

Decorating your home with plants strengthens the energy of the wood element (one of the five basic elements of this Chinese philosophy) and it promotes vital energy of growth into your living space. And making plants part of your decor, well, it just makes you feel good. There are certain plants that lend themselves more to feng shui but any well cared for plant will bring some positive vibes to you. Unhealthy plants represent sick and dying energy – so get rid of unhealthy plants and nourish the ones you have
Any plant’s vibrant and lush will bring good energy to your home for sure but there are plants that are traditionally used in feng shui. These are some of the plants we found mentioned over and over again in conjunction with feng shui.

Lucky Bamboo

The Money Plant

Rubber plants

Peace Lily


Snake Plant

Calthea Rattlesnake plant


Air plants

So whether you’re looking to balance the energy of your homes with plants or just add decoration, you’re sure to bring some positive energy into your home when you bring new house plants home and take good care of them. Make sure you join our upcoming Feng Shui workshops to find out more about the philosophy of feng shui and how plants make love grow. And if you haven’t stopped by the Barn lately, come inside to see our newest selection of house plants!

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