Greenhouses – For The Love Of Gardening

Sep 1, 2021 | Blog, Gardening, General, outdoor living, Product we Love

A greenhouse is a structure that’s made out of a transparent material like glass and provides plants the protection they need from cold weather. But really a greenhouse is a structure that’s created for the love of gardening.

“There aren’t many places more liable to make one potter than a greenhouse.” – Mark Griffith

We had a vision of a place where people could wander and wonder at the beauty contained within and that would spark the imagination and creativity of all those who entered. And so our quest to create the perfect greenhouse began. Gratefully, we found Matthew, Monarch Greenhouses, who brought our vision to fruition. He worked with us to build the greenhouse of our dreams which we nestled between the Farmhouse and The Barn. Every Monarch Greenhouse is custom crafted from foundation to finial. They build the greenhouse of your dreams to compliment your garden. Matthew finds inspiration in trips to botanical gardens, Victorian estates and formal gardens

We choose The Monarch version with custom milled timber and hand cut crested ridges and lathed finials. The tailor made shelves were created from Matthew’s collection of wrought iron pieces that have a sense of history and elegance. You can now browse and purchase these pieces from our display next to the greenhouse. The result is a stunning piece of architecture that invites you to come inside and potter around. The interior is airy and full of life and energy – come see for yourself.

We invite you to step inside and wander and wonder our delightfully charming and cozy greenhouse.

“Who loves a garden, loves a greenhouse too.” – William Cowper

Calgo Gardens is grounded in the belief that nature, art, and positive energy feed our spirits. If “earth” without “ART” is “eh,” Calgo chooses to nurture earth’s ART. Our style and feel is the result of consciously living our philosophy—harmony by design. eARTh will be alive with posts about Calgo-style garden ideas, plants and flowers we love, do-it-yourself projects, new items from THE BARN—and all the dirt (and fun!) that’s happening at Calgo!