Growing a garden with your children is more than just planting seeds. When you make planting a garden
a family event, you reap more than just vegetables. There are so many benefits to teaching your
children how to create a garden and here’s our top five reasons to get planting with your kids.



  1. If you’ve ever gardened, you know how much work it is. It’s exercise and outdoor time for everyone. In our new normal lives, children are spending more time indoors and a large amount of their day includes screen time. It’s a good way to get moving and get some fresh air and natural vitamin D.
  2. Gardening teaches children responsibility. They learn how to plant the seeds and then how to nourish them and take care of the plants as they grow. Children will see firsthand what happens if a garden or plants are neglected.
  3. Connecting with nature is a proven stress reliever and there is no better way to make that connection than having a garden to take care of. Gardening is a relaxing and therapeutic activity that’s good for allowing young minds (and old minds) to destress.
  4. Your children will become healthier eaters. Half the fun of gardening is getting to eat what you grow. Growing their own food will give children a reason to try new foods and a sense of pride when dinner was created by them.
  5. Gardening is science. Children will learn about plants and nature and have fun doing it. Every day is a new science experiment.


Summer is just around the corner, and it's time to start getting the garden ready for a new growing season! Now is the perfect time to get the kids involved by teaching them the basics of creating a garden.


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