With so many benefits to growing your herbs and vegetables in raised garden beds, you'd think it might be difficult to choose one reason that best sums up why you should...but the truth of the matter is, raised garden beds will yield more produce with less effort. Need we say more? 

So with that out of the way, we're going to share some of the other reasons why you should consider raised garden beds this year... and we'll begin with the fact that from start to finish, gardening this way is simply easier and better for gardeners of all skillsets—from beginner to advanced green thumb! Want to know more? Read on...

Your garden will yield more produce.

And let's face it, these days, who doesn't want to make fewer trips to the grocery store? Raised garden beds promote better plant growth which yields a more productive crop.

Your garden will be easier to maintain.

The soil in raised beds is less compacted and has better drainage making it easier to keep watered. It's also easier to weed them and keep plants that naturally like to spread, like mint, contained.

The garden can go anywhere you'd like it to be, as long as there's enough sun.

Want a raised garden bed right in the middle of your patio? Sure! The bed can be placed on concrete, lawn, stone or any place in your yard that will allow for the required amount of sunlight.

Your back will thank you!

Due to their size and placement, raised garden beds are easy to maneuver around—and did you catch the part that you will have fewer weeds to pull? This type of gardening also requires less soil preparation which means less physical labor.

Whether you're going for tiny, small, medium, or large you'll be able to find the right garden in a box or bag for you!

Planter's Pouch Kits

Calgo's Planter's Pouch Kits can be customized with the veggies and/or herbs of your choice, or you can choose from one of our creative collections. The pouch itself is a sustainable gardening product which promotes healthy root growth, insulates plants from chilly mornings and high temperatures, and decreases risk of transplant shock.

They are available in small ($25), medium ($35), and large ($45) sizes and assorted colors (blue, brown, and green). Also included with each kit is a pair of gardening gloves and a container of all-purpose plant food to help your plants grow luscious and productive.


Vegepods are raised, portable, and self watering garden beds that make garden comfortable and easy—a boon for all gardeners! Control the growth and quality of your produce in a pristine environment that is off the ground and free of pests.

This amazing product uses self-watering technology that utilizes a wicking system and waters the plants from below. Plants can go for weeks without watering in Vegepods. A cover also helps to manage the temperature of the bed by allowing water and air to penetrate. Herbs, lettuce, carrots, zucchini, and even tomatoes are easily grown in Vegepods— but feel free to experiment on your own with any type of vegetable.

Set up is so simple; simply slide and click the panels together and bolt to the base containers, and voila! You've got a single, large, solid garden!

Raised Garden Bed Kits

Raised Garden Bed kits are like a garden in a box! The handcrafted beds are designed to withstand many season of planting and producing and each kit includes your choice of veggies and/or herbs. Who wouldn't want "Jersey fresh" produce from their own backyard all summer long?

The kit includes a bag of gardening soil, garden gloves, a kneeling pad, and a container of all purpose plant food to help your young plants turn into luscious and productive specimens.

And don't forget, we can do Barn side pick up!

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