CBD oil is trendy and often controversial—but what is it really?

CBD oil is a non-mind altering chemical which isn't a source of euphoria, however the oil is thought to contain powerful and beneficial properties which help improve skin conditions and a number of health problems. According to Z Botanicals & Hemp Co., CBD oil (cannabidiol) "is a compound in Cannabis, also known as industrial hemp. CBD-rich Cannabis makes an appealing treatment option..." And yes, products containing CBD oil are perfectly legal when the oil is derived from hemp.

What are the benefits of CBD oil? Many.

CBD oil is thought to:

  • Fight inflammation
  • Reduce pain
  • Relieve anxiety and stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase immune functions
  • Improve skin appearance and fight aging
  • Is full of antioxidants
  • And has just recently been approved to treat epilepsy in children.

Because not all products are created equally, make sure you purchase your CBD oil from a company with a stellar reputation which does third party testing for quality control. Make sure the product contains less than .3% (the legal amount) and is made with organic and/or all natural ingredients.

Most CBD oils and salves have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA, so if this is something you're interested in looking into, we suggest that you do your own research and consult with your doctor.