At Calgo we believe in the healing power of plants—and right now we can all use a little healing. Whether you're in need of just a little or a whole lot, the perfect houseplant will help bring calm and restorative benefits into your home.

Houseplants help to purify the air around us and given our current circumstances (a lot of folks are still both living at and working from home), we need to ensure that the air we're breathing is clean. Plants also absorb toxins, increase humidity, and produce oxygen—all of which help you breathe a little easier.



Need some stress relief?

Bring the outdoors in and connect with nature while you nurture your plants—no mask required! Goodbye anxiety.

We all benefit from more happy thoughts and houseplants not only help boost your mood but also productivity, and creativity. Why not add some life to your office/dining room (because they're one and the same right now)?

Picking the perfect plant is easy... but picking just one is much harder. If you're ready to go all out "jungalow" plant style, we recommend going low maintenance with a lot of style!



What works best for you?

Fiddleleaf figs are oh so popular right now but are considered to be one of the more finicky plants. So if you want a foolproof plant, it may not be the choice for you... but they are so hard to resist!

If you want to make your indoor space Eden-like, a few lush ferns will green up the atmosphere and clean it at the same time. Most are low maintenance.

Need flowers 24/7 to brighten your day? The Anthurim will bloom for months providing you with non-stop blooms all year long.



Looking for a fun plant?

The Pilea has cute coin shaped leaves and produces its own sweet little "pups" that pop up from the soil.

Or try the Strawberry Begonia which sends out delicate runners making it the perfect hanging plant.

The Hoya Carnosa has sweetly scented flowers that look similar to hydrangea but even without the flowers, the unique waxy leaves will have you waning for it.

Looking for a show stopper?

The Ginseng Ficus Bonsai, so rewarding and has so much character. And as an added bonus, they're pretty easy to take care of!


Ask Taylor! You'll find her in the nursery,  the greenhouse, or the potting shed. We have a whole summer of houseplants events lined up, so check out our events page for details! If you don't know what a Kokedama ball is, you can find out!